App note: Design of a 100W active clamp forward DC-DC converter for telecom systems using the NCP1562

Another DC-DC converter design using ON Semiconductor’s NCP1562 PWM Controller. Link here (PDF)

The NCP1562 PWM controller contains all the features and flexibility needed to implement an active clamp forward dc−dc converter. This IC operates from an input supply up to 150 V, thus covering the input voltages usually found in telecom, datacom and 42 V automotive systems. One can also note that the NCP1562 can be used in mains related applications (e.g. desktop, server, flat TVs) as it can be supplied by an auxiliary power supply

from Dangerous Prototypes

App note: Power-handling capabilities of inductors

App note from Coilcraft on how to calculate the power dissipation of an inductor. Link here (PDF)

Inductors are not typically rated by power, however an approximation of the power-handling capability of an air core or ceramic core chip inductor can be estimated using the data sheet specifications for current and resistance.

from Dangerous Prototypes

IP Discover

Codigo para mostrar la IP de tu ordenador:

# Python Program to Get IP Address 
import socket

hostname = socket.gethostname() 
IPAddr = socket.gethostbyname(hostname) 
print("Name is:" + hostname) 
print("IP Address is:" + IPAddr)