App note: Oscillator design considerations

Interesting app note from Silicon Labs about oscillators used on their wireless SoC series 2 devices, oscillator basics included. Link here (PDF)

An oscillator is an electronic circuit which generates a repetitive, or periodic, time-varying signal. In the context of Wireless SoC Series 2 devices, this oscillator signal is used to clock execution of instructions and peripherals in the device. For radio communication the oscillator also provides an accurate and low noise frequency reference to the transciever. There are multiple ways of generating such a signal, each with different properties that influence project cost, board size, and stability of the clock signal.

from Dangerous Prototypes

App note: Safety considerations for Silicon Labs series capacitor isolators

Great in-depth about electronic isolators from Silicon Labs. Link here (PDF)

Isolators are widely used in automotive, telecom, industrial, and medical applications to provide protection for people and/or equipment from high voltage hazards. The robustness of the isolator’s insulation, or “isolation barrier”, over the operating life of the equipment is key to ensuring safety against electric shock in these applications.

from Dangerous Prototypes

Let’s go out to sea with Digital Making at Home

Digital Making at Home: Out at sea

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Join us for Digital Making at Home, where this week for World Oceans Day, the big blue sea is calling our names. With Digital Making at Home, we invite young people all over the world to code along with us and our new videos every week to keep the coding fun going at home!

There’s a whole world to discover under the sea, so let’s use the power of digital making to dive in together, code-first:

Check out this week’s code-along videos!

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