All hail the BeagleBone Green winners!

With the combined power of the BeagleBone Green and Seeed Studio’s Grove modules, these hacksters created projects covering everything from wearables to home automation to robotics. See all the entries here, and find something to tweak for your next project!
Without further ado, our glorious winners…

First Prize

Chris’s project uses an open-source cape for the BBG, and feeds compass data to a belt with haptic motors arranged around it – giving you constant directional feedback. Build your own sixth sense!
Second Prize

 This project is an excellent point of reference for anyone building remote-controlled vehicles, or ones that relay data back to the driver. Simon went above and beyond with guidelines for the physical layout.
Third Prize

Of course, we love flying robots. This system is an adaptable on-board controller for a variety of different vehicles. It’s designed specifically with the novice builder in mind: no surface-mount soldering, and detailed step-by-step instructions for physical assembly and coding.

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