ATM90E36 Dev-kit for 3-phase AC metering


Tisham Dhar blogged about his ATM90E36 3-phase energy monitor project:

After successfully building the single-phase energy monitor with the ATM90E26 there has been lots of interest in the 3-phase version. Being an open-hardware project, many people have created remixed and derived versions as well. After a while I started receiving requests to assist with the code for ATM90E36, the 3-phase version of the Energy Monitor chip. However I did not have the hardware to test the code, so I put together this basic devkit to access the SPI bus and easily inject voltage and CT signals to take the ATM90E36 through its paces. This is the first board I have designed based purely on user demand rather than to scratch my own itch, since I don’t have 3-phase supply at home.

Project info at Tisham Dhar’s blog.

Check out the video after the break.

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