Cheap UV EPROM eraser teardown and spectrum analysis



Kerry Wong did a teardown of a cheap UV EPROM eraser and measured the spectrum of the UV tube using a monochromator:

Till recently, I have been using custom circuitry whenever I needed to backup some firmware. But the process was rather tedious as for each kind of EPROM or EEPROM I needed to study the protocol and timing requirements and then come up with the required circuitry on a breadboard. And wiring can easily become an issue with a high pin-count chip. So I finally got myself a proper EPROM programmer (it’s a TL866A) along with a $15 generic UV EPROM eraser so I could program EPROM/EEPROM’s quickly. While it was fun to build a programmer circuit each time, I think the effort can be put into something more useful.

More details at Kerry Wong’s blog.

Check out the video after the break.


from Dangerous Prototypes