Evolution of the Bus Pirate, the road to Ultra

Sjaak @ SMDprutser has been instrumental in pushing the Bus Pirate firmware and hardware ever forward. Check out his history of the evolution Bus Pirate “Ultra” for some great background:

Unfortunately we run more or less into the same issues as we had with the Microchip controller: USB need regularly attention, which interferes with our interaction on the protocols, so we end up with stalls. Another big issue was that the peripherals were designed with moving data efficiently around and not in an educational way (as the BusPirate is ment to be). For example the I2C is nicely designed for reading memories or writing displays fast, but we need to know beforehand which byte is last. As we only can send a stop byte one or two bytes in advance of the stop bit. The design of the BusPirate menu system doesn’t cope with this properly (without major redesign).

As always, you can join Sjaak and Ian for development fun in the forum.

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