Explore Maker Faire… in 3D!!!

Didn’t make it to the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend? You can still experience the magic! Here are a few choice moments and projects from the Faire.
These were created using the Seene app, and they work even better if you view them on a phone – where the accelerometer controls the rotation, and you can triple-tap to visualize the depth map the app creates. There’s also an option to view it in Cardboard VR. Sometimes they come out a bit glitchy, which I think is something to love about this new medium!
Here’s an FM radio made by one of the «Bring a Hack» dinner attendees. Check out how he’s used a resistor to anchor that wire for strain relief!

This giant robo-squid, «Mechateuthis», actually moves its tentacles. One of the most impressive moving robots I’ve seen, considering the torque that must be on those cantilevered limbs! According to PopMech, it’s triggered by a crank, but all the drive power comes from Arduino-controlled motors.

One exhibitor was selling beautiful lamps with custom-fabricated light bulbs! My companion noted the satisfying feel of this knob.

Here’s Eveii, a little sensing robot that I built for Cypress Semiconductor using the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit.

We also paid a visit to Kelly, who built a skirt out of K’Nex and invited makers to add to it before her appearance in the fashion show. 

Of course, there’s way more to see; the Make: team kept a stream of live updates going, so you can scratch that itch as much as you like.
I heard about Seene from Doc Pop – a local yoyo master and 3D artist. Go check out his profile for way more cool shots!

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