Force FTDI FT232 USB to serial converters to use a single Windows COM port

Ever notice that each new FT232 inserted into each USB port is assigned a unique COM port number under Windows? When we’re developing hardware with lots of prototypes flying around Windows quickly hits COM 100. Each FT232 has a unique serial number and the driver creates a new COM port for each by default.

FTDI has a quick knowledge base item  about editing a registry key to disable this and stick with a single COM number.

“For a default FTDI device ID (VID 0x0403, PID 0x6001), add the following registry REG_BINARY value set to 01:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\UsbFlags\IgnoreHWSerNum04036001 ”

It’s not difficult to do, but it is impossible to find with Bing* so we’re posting it here for reference.

*Bing is the most reachable English search engine in China at the moment, though reachable doesn’t infer quality search results.

from Dangerous Prototypes

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