Radionova 1 frequency synthesizer


Vasily Ivanenko has written up documentation on his Radionova 1 frequency synthesizer project:

Frequency synthesizer for my Jupiter receiver — Радионова 1 — [ Radionova 1 ]
Greetings! Most of my future homebrew radio projects will focus on building radio astronomy gear.
Radio astronomy offers much fun + learning for the radio homebuilder — example topics include how to design and make antennas, LNAs, receivers, and frequency synthesizers from HF to microwave. Further we may craft op-amp analog integrators to remove background noise, and/or ADCs, plus write software to store and analyze our data. Avid radio astronomers enjoy a strong understanding of noise measurement/physics, plus a whole lot of really cool science. I’ve already made new friends and feel inspired by the dedicated, skillful folks who listen to signals from space on stuff they craft in their home labs. In radio astronomy, Dx might mean receiving signals from 590 million kilometers away. I’m in!

Project info at QRP HomeBuilder blog.

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