Kick it old-school on IRC!

Internet Relay Chat has been around since 1988, but it’s not dead yet.
This veteran protocol has been embraced by the makerspace generation, and many open-source projects have taken up the torch, too. Breathe new life into your terminal and jump in!
First and most importantly, you can join us in #hackster on freenode. 🙂
This week’s workshop shows you how to do just that – video coming soon! Check back here in an hour, or follow us on that other social network for updates.

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Explore Maker Faire… in 3D!!!

Didn’t make it to the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend? You can still experience the magic! Here are a few choice moments and projects from the Faire.
These were created using the Seene app, and they work even better if you view them on a phone – where the accelerometer controls the rotation, and you can triple-tap to visualize the depth map the app creates. There’s also an option to view it in Cardboard VR. Sometimes they come out a bit glitchy, which I think is something to love about this new medium!
Here’s an FM radio made by one of the «Bring a Hack» dinner attendees. Check out how he’s used a resistor to anchor that wire for strain relief!

This giant robo-squid, «Mechateuthis», actually moves its tentacles. One of the most impressive moving robots I’ve seen, considering the torque that must be on those cantilevered limbs! According to PopMech, it’s triggered by a crank, but all the drive power comes from Arduino-controlled motors.

One exhibitor was selling beautiful lamps with custom-fabricated light bulbs! My companion noted the satisfying feel of this knob.

Here’s Eveii, a little sensing robot that I built for Cypress Semiconductor using the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit.

We also paid a visit to Kelly, who built a skirt out of K’Nex and invited makers to add to it before her appearance in the fashion show. 

Of course, there’s way more to see; the Make: team kept a stream of live updates going, so you can scratch that itch as much as you like.
I heard about Seene from Doc Pop – a local yoyo master and 3D artist. Go check out his profile for way more cool shots!

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Calling U.S. Hacksters: Let’s Co-Make The Future!

We’re excited to share that we’re hosting the annual Co-Making the Future competition, a China-US Young Maker Competition.
This amazing event is co-chaired by Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and allows makers to create innovative products focusing on the areas of community development, education, environmental protection, health & fitness, energy, transportation and other areas of sustainable development by combining innovative design and cutting-edge technologies. 

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Hardware Café: Onyx Ashanti on Sonocybernetics

Our special guest, Onyx Ashanti, is a performer and communicator who crafts his own haptic and motion-sensing interfaces with the world. He ties together 3D-printed augmentations for hands, feet, and face, to produce a rich sonic environment full of meaning.
We sat down to chat about his technologically ingenious music and artistic process – as well as methods of working with Arduino, wireless protocols, and CAD.

Thanks, Onyx!

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Who’s that in the spotlight?

Put your hands together for the winners of the World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge!   Best Project – Europe These folks built a complete remote-controlled vehicle driving and monitoring system! They also created it on top of a tiny electronic car; we’d love to see what they’d do with a real car (hint hint, Lamborghini…)   Best Project – USA This gorgeous project exemplifies the perfect data-visualization hardware: it liberates inspiring numbers from their stuffy columns, beautifying the space around it. Congratulations!   Best Project – Rest of the World Our global winner is a life-saving piece of work backed up by some very solid science. Read through this project – we guarantee you’ll leave smarter and more curious.   Missed the deadline? Think you’d measure up? Check out our current challenges and throw your hat in the ring! Still curious? See all of the submissions here.

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All hail the BeagleBone Green winners!

With the combined power of the BeagleBone Green and Seeed Studio’s Grove modules, these hacksters created projects covering everything from wearables to home automation to robotics. See all the entries here, and find something to tweak for your next project!
Without further ado, our glorious winners…

First Prize

Chris’s project uses an open-source cape for the BBG, and feeds compass data to a belt with haptic motors arranged around it – giving you constant directional feedback. Build your own sixth sense!
Second Prize

 This project is an excellent point of reference for anyone building remote-controlled vehicles, or ones that relay data back to the driver. Simon went above and beyond with guidelines for the physical layout.
Third Prize

Of course, we love flying robots. This system is an adaptable on-board controller for a variety of different vehicles. It’s designed specifically with the novice builder in mind: no surface-mount soldering, and detailed step-by-step instructions for physical assembly and coding.

Missed your chance this round? Go check out our current challenges! Your idea could net you free hardware and fabulous prizes.

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