Tandy 1000 upgrades / PS2-Tandy keyboard adapter

Vintage computer Tandy 1000 upgrade @ smbaker.com:

A Tandy 1000 was the second computer that I owned, the first was a Tandy CoCo. Note that I keep a slightly different mental “computers that I owned” list and “computers that I used list”. There are a few computer I was able to gain access to and play with perhaps before the Tandy — computers like the Convergent NGEN, and the IBM 5150.
Owning computers is fun, but modifying computers is even funner, so I set about to modify the Tandy 1000. A few modifications were necessary — for example I didn’t yet own a Tandy keyboard, so I had to make myself an adapter to use a PS2 keyboard on the Tandy 1000.

More details on Dr. Scott M. Baker blog.

Check out the video after the break.

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