Teardown and testing of an 800W PureSine inverter


Kerry Wong has posted a detailed teardown and testing of a Reliable Electric 800W PureSine Inverter:

The last ingredient for my backup power project is an inverter. Since the battery bank I built is a 12V 1.5kWh one, an inverter that can handle a load between 500W and 1000W would be a suitable choice. In theory, all the lights and the refrigerator in my house consume just around 500W. So the 1.5kWh battery bank should be able to power all the essentials for at least a couple of hours in the event of a power failure.
I wanted a pure sine wave inverter as opposed to a modified sine wave inverter since many household appliances and electronics do not play well with modified sine wave inverters due to the high harmonic distortions. After some extensive research, I finally settled on this 12V 800W pure sine inverter made by a little known Chinese company Yueqing Reliable Electric Co. Ltd.

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Check out the video after the break.

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