What Brexit means for Scotland: A Q&A with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon spoke at TEDSummit in Edinburgh about her vision for making collective well-being the main aim of public policy and the economy. (Watch the full talk on TED.com.) That same morning, Boris Johnson assumed office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the latest episode of the Brexit drama that has engulfed UK politics. During the 2016 referendum, Scotland voted against Brexit.

After her talk, Chris Anderson, the Head of TED, joined Sturgeon, who’s been vocally critical of Johnson, to ask a few questions about the current political landscape.

For more about Brexit from TED, check out Carole Cadwalladr’s talk from TED2019 and Alexander Betts’s talk from TEDSummit.

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